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School Fundraiser

High Quality Car Wash School Fundraiser.
  • Half price Unlimited Washing Subscription for your school families.
  • All proceeds in 1st month go to your school.
  • Subsequent months contribute to your school.
    • 1st month price $15 — school receives $15
    • 2nd month price $29.99 — school receives $10
    • 3rd month price $29.99 — school receives $5
Quality and Convenience are the hallmark of Auto Glide Express.
  • Under 3 minute exterior express car wash.
  • See the Glide: Easy-to-use conveyor belt system.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment for a high quality wash.
  • High quality shampoos that clean and protect without damaging your car or the environment and we recycle our water.
  • Free powerful, yet quiet vacuums.
Our Fast Pass provides you with our fastest, most convenient wash experience. Join our monthly auto-renewal plan and wash as many times in a month as you want. Recharge occurs on the same day as purchase each subsequent month.
  • Stop by or go to our shop or get the app on iOS or Android to sign up.
    1. Click on LOGIN/SIGNUP.
    2. Select SHOP and Select UNLIMITED FAST PASS.
    3. Choose your school as the option for $15.00. Buy Pass.
    4. You'll receive your pass windshield sticker the first time you come to our location.
Cancel any time with no contract and it will default to expire the day before your next recharge. Steps to cancel:
  • Register your account with an email and password.
  • Link to your Subscription Membership by putting in your tracking number from your subscription sticker.
  • Select My Wallet.
  • Select the pencil icon next to My Pass and select Cancel under Billing.